AHF 2015 contributions disbursed

I wanted to inform everyone that AHF has contributed $2,700 to hire 3 full time nannies for 2015. Due to the faithful donations of those assisting in defending the fatherless in 2014, AFH is please to extend its commitment of hiring 3 full time nannies through 2027. As mentioned earlier in the year, this is 3 additional years from this point last year. God is faithful and through this year has not only provided an additional nanny, but has also extended this ministry another 3 years. What a great 2014!!

If you are considering donating in the end of 2014, please consider AHF. This fund provides greater care for those most vulnerable children in the heart of Ethiopia. Additionally, AFH also provides much needed income for location national working women who will provide for their families through this employment. Please consider partnering with AHF at the end of 2014 and heading into 2015. We continue to pray that God will be honored through AHF and are excited to see what God will do in 2015.